Now these feelings of being unable to move (as if someone was holding my arms together in a tight tight squeeze) haven’t occurred in a while (thank God). However, when they do my day is completely thrown off and my vibes are negative thoughts and I have a scared feeling all day. There was one nightmare in particular that had me awoken in a hot sweat and unable to go back to sleep. I believe it may have been my last glance at the tv when a strange and creepy alien was on the screen. I had a nightmare where there were fat, little gray aliens telling me to attack and kill anyone and everything (while also trying to take my life). I remember two events in that dream vividly. 1. Seeing a car accident where I saw the girl thrown through the windshield with the blood everywhere. 2. Myself actually trying to kill my dogs (whom I love very much). This dream woke me up in tears. I felt like I had actually been there doing and seeing everything. I believe in God so when the feeling of unable to scream or move (while trying to literally throw my elbows to get out of the hold) I say the Lords prayer repeatedly and it goes away. I don’t want to continue on but I will leave you with the most recent of the feelings of the inability to move. It was friday night and I went to bed. I had to get up around 6am the next morning for work however, I was stopped in my path of sleep when waking up to the same feeling of literally being held down, what made it worse someone was whispering in my ear my name over and over again. The scariest part of that morning/day that I awoke to, my sister and her husband came home to an almost dead man lying in their driveway, with a gun shot wound to his head (the shooters have not been caught). I don’t know if the whispering was telling me to be aware of the situation that day, but I felt something after that had happened that my day would not be good. Please let me know what you think. I don’t want this coming back anymore :,(.


Greetings:  Interestingly enough, your question, and situation sounds like another persons post.

It sounds as if there is a negative vortex that is affecting you.  Another person named Katherine explained that she had a horrible crime happen on her property that is exactly what you are speaking of.  Please give me a call.  I can tell you what to do.  Peace.

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