Hi there I hope you can advise me, I have sensed spirit on and off since I was a little girl but over the past six years it has became quite intense that I feel sure spirit is trying to talk to me and I’m just blocking them out but sometimes it can be scary. I don’t know where to start. I have experienced being touched and spoken to physically hearing spirit sometimes its inaudible and sometimes clear sometimes I can hear many spirits whispering. Yeah I know it sounds mad but its true. Noises, doors knocking, closing, footsteps, phone ringing in the night for it only to be my own number. Lights flickering, television switching itself on etc etc you know the kind of stuff. More recently I have seen orbs with my own eyes. These are not the faint ones you see in photos. They are of brilliant colour. They glow without omitting light. They vary in size colour and transparency. The biggest being about 12 to 14″” in diameter and bright solid red. I have not been the only one to witness these. They move at unbelievable speed. I started to see these about two years ago. I am now 42. Around this same time I was waking up with ‘disturbing’ bruising to my body. I was waking to find deep punch marks on my arms so much you could make out the finger and knuckle marks and full hand prints on my thighs also scratches across my chest. My mum thought that one of my children were hitting me and I was scared to tell her. That was clearly not so. I got nervous and called in a team to investigate. I told them nothing when they arrived and let them do there work. The sensitive told me there was a man in my bedroom called Ronnie Kilpatrick who passed in 1942. He believed that I was his ex wife who had been unfaithful to him and got pregnant by another man. She spoke to him through EVP expaining that I was not his wife that my name was Linda and I could clearly hear him say how sorry he was he kept repeating oh god oh god I’m so sorry, I’m sorry! She asked him to move forward into the light and I can honestly say that from that night I never experienced anything harmful again. On the same night she told me that there was a child that was asking to be blessed as she lost her life very suddenly. I believe that was my daughter who was never born. She also picked up on another child in spirit. she just gave the initials J E. I named my unborn Josh and Emma. She went on to tell me tht these children knew there path and chose the experience and not to worry or be sad. During this time I was in the process of moving home and on the final night before I moved I went outside with my dog to let her out. All my stuff was packed and yeah the flat had been very active within that time. But this night I was standing outside with my dog and I could hear big heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. The dog also heard them. It wasn’t just a couple but many footsteps. I have since been told that the spirits within my home didn’t want me to leave as I could sense them and acknowledge them. When I moved to my new home many miles away there was nothing apart from the odd orb but things have started to happen again and I’m having visions(had them before too much to explain to you)I am wide awake (just laid my head on the pillow)and all these faces comes towards me they aren’t in colour or black and white but in sepia usually. There are faces of many ages and era and race. Old and very young but disturbingly they can turn demonic which happened the other night.I only just got into bed and closed my eyes (I definitely was not asleep as it takes me a while to get over)these visions started, there were familiar faces there but after a while they changed to more scary and I sat up and shook my head wanting them to leave. I lay awake for sometime then fell asleep. I awoke in the morning about 4 with the most scary face leering at me it was horrific. I was scared but I was unable to move I was completely paralyzed. After struggling with myself to free myself I felt a physical jolt to my body and I was free. At this point i was very scared and gasping for breath and panicking. Clearly I tried very hard not to go back to sleep and didn’t again until after six that morning I was that scared. Many things have happened to me that ~I don’t have time to mention, though thankfully most good and positive and not negative. Can you please give me an opinion on this? How can a spirit think that a living person belongs to them less they don’t know there dead. Why on earth did he think I was his ex partner? The woman told me that night though that I looked so like her and I was embarrassed to think that he maybe thought I behaved like her. He felt his ex was a tramp but I was getting a beating in my sleep for it? I must add I occasionally had ‘dreams’ of things happening to me while I slept. Of a violent nature and sexual! But I put that down to past experience as my ex husband was very abusive (no I was never ever unfaithful but he was very abusive mentally and physically but more mentally to be honest)he constantly accused me of unfounded affairs with his brothers, uncles, friends you name it I was accused. In the end up I left him while he was at work and I left with nothing but a few days worth of clothes. Does this have something to do with it? I have no idea. Again I haven’t told you everything please get back to me to advise. Orbs have been seen hear as have the noises been heard but not on the scale they were before. Seen a well known medium recently and he told me that I am ‘sensitive’ to spirit and I will develop this. I’m looking for others opinions as to what they think!


Greetings:  This sounds like you are experiencing a past life parallel.  As I read your story, I pictured a person being in a very abusive relationship, and as I read further It was verified.  I think that this kirkpatrick fellow was indeed real and that you have a connection to him.  Not only that the same violent spirit is what has tainted your relationships.  I think that your suspicions are correct.  You are reliving that life.  I think that not only development, but protection is in order as this could be dangerous.  You must learn psychic self defense.  Perhaps you can give me a call.  I would like to discuss in detail what you have experienced.  Peace.

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