Hi, my name is dawn a few months ago i had a experience where i was in bed, i felt the covers being pulled down so i pulled back not thinking anything of it, a few minutes later i heard a voice through the fan telling me”pack your stuff and get out of the house” in horror i ran up stairs turned all the lights on sat down then the lamp next to blew out. i ran to the kitchen and the same thing happened.  A few days before i had woke up to seeing a black figure of a man but no face. a few days after the same. i was very scared by this, but now i am curious? my grandmother told me her mother was very psychic. is this something i can explore? was this something bad? i don’t know what to think?


Greetings:  Although the experience that you have described was traumatic, your curiosity will more than likely be a driving force in developing your ability to see.  I would suggest training so that you are better able to deal with an obvious gift that you have.  Peace.

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