I Have been experiencing an issue, my problem stated in 2002 where my neighborer performed which craft on my family and i, my family were attacked by hooded black figures. after years the figures left us alone and then neighborer died. fast forward to 2008 i moved out on my own and the first place i lived at i felt a shadowman which i told to leave me alone.. it didint, then i moved to another place where there was still a shadowman. Then one night i saw something that look like a 1 year old child with wild curly hair run to the corner of my bed i jumped in shock flashed my a light at the area and nothing. now in 2011 i moved again and the shadowman continues to follow me. now i am not sure if it is in fact a shadowman from my early 2000’s or is it this childlike demon and if it is what is the name of this demon so i can finally fight back


Greetings John.  The spell that has been put on your family can be broken.  I will need the name of the person that placed it, and what the circumstances were.  Who was the person in direct contact with, and has anyone been in contact with the person since then.  I can help.  Peace.

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