About 2am the other night I heard a bell ringing from my living room. This sounded like a small bell which would be rung to get someone’s attention. I was fully awake and this went on for about 5 minutes. There was no physical explanation for this. This is not the first time I’ve heard a bell. Several months ago a bell rang very loudly behind me whilst I was in the living room, only for a few seconds on that occasion but it got my attention and again I could find no physical explanation.I’m curious as to what this may signify – if anything.


Greetings Sue. sorry for the delay.  The bell is what we call the “Astral bell.  There are two different kinds.
1.  A clear bell that has a full tone.  This usually bares with it the connotation of good advice or a truth that needs to be recognized.  A good thing.

2.  Like someone took a knife and tapped a cracked glass.  This is an astral visitation that you do not want as it is negative.  If you hear it again, try to identify the nature.  Let me know.  Peace.

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