I’ve had some strange dreams about sprits trying to make contact with me. I’ve also had a couple of experiences of seeing a shadow and a white mist while wide awake. I’ve also been awakened during the night and I saw a blue light that gave off about as much light as a night light. One time the blue light was in front of a picture of my 5 yr old grandson. I got the impression that this light was looking at or examining the picture as it was slowly moving over the surface of the picture. Another time it was in front of a mirror in the same room on the opposite wall. I’ve read that a blue light like this is most likely the spirit of an animal, but we have not had any animals to die in this house and no person has ever died in the house. My grandson has never had an animal that died other than a goldfish. The people who owned the house before us did raise greyhounds, but I’m not sure if any of their animals died on this property. Another time when my grandson was sleeping beside me in our bed, I woke up during the night and saw small white lights moving over his stomach. There were several small, quarter size, white lights that flickered and moved back and forth in a playful like way. It did not disturb him in any way and he did not wake up, but it worries me that these lights seem attracted to him. I could not find any possible source for the lights either time. The lights only lasted for a few seconds each time I saw them, maybe five to ten seconds. Can you give me any insight into what this could be or why it would be interested in my grandson. Should I be worried about this or do anything to try to rid my house of this. My grandson lives with us full time and he has told us that he saw a man in his room and that the man went up through the ceiling. Another time he told us he saw a man in his room and the man went into our guest room. We searched but did not find evidence of anyone being in our house. His experiences happened not long after we moved into this house and we were still remodeling. Thank you for any help you can give. Sincerely, Concerned Nana


Hi Peggy.  I don’t think that you have anything to worry about.  There will always be ghosts, and sometimes children, and psychic individuals see them.  The lights are just what you thought they are.  
energy signatures of animal spirits.  This is not unusual, especially if the child is of the gifted way.  They are interested in him because he can see them.  If he starts to experience any negativity please call me.  Peace.

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