A very strange thing has happened to me today i was tidying my sons room and he has bricks with letters on them, earlier on in the day he tipped them out but did not play with them, i entered his room on my own to tidy up and on the floor in front of me were the blocks but 3 letters were apart from the rest spelling out DIE a horrible feeling came over me and i felt very uneasy, my son is only 2 and i know for sure he didnt do it as he just tipped them out and left them, i felt very uneasy so came down stairs to find a white feather on my kitchen floor what to me is very strange, this is the first strange thing like this to happen to me but i do feel very uneasy an times in this house as if someone is here with me when im alone. i would just like to know if i maybe just over thinking todays avents or if there is something or some spirit around me or my house, thankyou for you time hope to hear from you soon


Hi:  Sorry for the delay.  Although I do not belive that your concerns are unfounded.  As to there being the possibility of a spirit existing in your home.  I do belive that you may be allowing your fear to get the best of you. If anything like this happens again, please let me know.  Peace.

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