A little over a year ago (I might add 3 months after my husband died) I woke up and saw 2 forms at the foot of my bed.  It happens on a regular basis, sometimes it looks like their mouths are moving. These looked like what you would imagine a ghost would look like however, I’ve seen clowns, a pretty woman. I swear I have even seen angles, I can see their wings. I’ve gotten over being afraid but sometimes if they come to close to me it frightens me some.  They just fade away.  Also I will see what looks like white smoke after they have gone.  I know I’m awake and not dreaming but don’t understand why I keep seeing these faces.  They are not always the same but I do see repeats of the same.  I know there is so much more to tell and it’s hard to know but I really just would like to know if I imagine these things or they really are spirits.


Greetings.  Imagination is one thing, but I can verify that what you are seeing is an attempt to communicate.  I think that you are seeing a spirit or spirits and they are trying to find a way to speak to you without frightening you.  Maybe even to tell you that everything with your husband is allright.  However.  It sounds like they are trying to deliver a message.  Perhaps to lead you to something.  Next time do not be afraid.  Listen to what they are saying.  Let me know.  Peace.

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