Thank you for your help. I’m writing you as a ‘last resort’ in identifying (but most importantly, managing) the factors influencing detrimental events in my life & on my new property since January. I am somewhat psy-gifted and feel a heaviness/drain on my well-being, and definitely feel an uncomfortable energy – almost like a corridor – along the straight north-to-south line through my bedroom, bath & closet.  In addition to the negative happenings, my otherwise affable sister is acting with such evil, causing infighting in my family and pushing the youngest sibling to the brink of suicide (help has intervened, thankfully).

The events of main concern include a murder/suicide in my spouse’s step-family at Christmas; horrendous storms which left our new neighbor’s home impaled by tree-trunk sized branches from a tree we’d spent more than $1K pruning on move-in in 9/2010; a decidedly ‘freak’ criminal event in which my spouse & I discovered a near-dead man who’d been shot in the head…terribly gruesome & devastating…in the start of a lane we share with other homes, but unquestionably within our property line, making our home of only 4 months a crime-scene for 2 days (case remains unsolved). This event took a huge toll- not because of fear that the shooter(s) will come back, but horror & sadness over the victim’s lonely plight bleeding out in the moonlighted quiet for a half-hour, in sight of a major thoroughfare just 6 feet from the body.

The tipping point, Mr Diliiza, is a random scratch that feels more like a burn I received during a quick nap this afternoon. No animals were with me in the room & my short, filed nails couldn’t have done that. Please keep in mind that this room is that which I feel that ‘corridor’ of energy, and at the time, I had on the nightstand nearest the scratched cheek my 3 tarot decks, recently cleansed by candles and used not for future/fortune telling but as contemplative tools for introspection. In addition to the north-south energy ‘corridor’ I feel a strange energy criss-crossing west-east along an upstairs hall/balcony…logically, these two energy streams would intersect in the bathroom linked to the master bedroom.

Are you able to perceive anything at odds with my well-being or what I can do differently/work on/address?

I respect your opinion and sincerely appreciate your advice,

(Please note: I am empathic and identify with and do my best to work for ‘the light’, difficult as it may be at present. I have no interest in grandeur or the clichéd lip-service driving trendy New Age beliefs; rather, I am a baptised Christian who practices this faith in addition to learning, seeking and adopting from all religions/sects those principles that seem to enhance my perspective and help me on my path. Truly.)


Greetings:  Because of what you have described my first inclination is to tell you to move.  However.  If you are inclined to fight then start with this…

You are being attacked. The energy that has invaded in your life is the same energy that caused the malevolent acts that happened. I can indeed sense that you are not new to the spiritual world so I will be direct.  This energy is looking for a trade off. It believes that you interfered, and is angry.  You got attacked because you are in its path.  Please move out of that room.

Its good that you are baptized, this will help.  I’m not taken to speak in airy fairy new age babble so I think that we are on the same page.  You are a light worker.  Just remember that Satan tried to challenge even Jesus himself, so as I do, follow his lead.  That being said let us get to work.

1.You will need to employ Psalms 91, and 71.  You must read them out loud,three times a day and keep a candle lit in your home.  White unscented. If there is someone in your area that is qualified to banish the evil entity from your home, and cleanse your property call them.  

 2.  There is an obvious vortex.  A negative vortex that runs straight through your home, you call this a corridor.  When you discovered the half dead man, whatever was in that corridor was going to take him, but it believes that you stopped it, and thus it is focusing on you.  The point must be sealed. Make sure that all blood is cleared away from your place.

3.  Please place your tarot deck in a circle of white stones with one candle in the middle as well.  That will properly cleanse them. See if you can get a hold of Holy water, and place some at the entrance of your home, and in the room in question, while reading psalms 91.  I don’t have to tell you how to pray, so I will say just do it.  If I were close I’d come, but I am sure that there is someone there qualified.  Do not fear.  If you need me further please call.
I will help.     Peace.     p.s.  The shooters wont be back.

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