To make a long story short in a sense… I have been a very spiritual person since I was younger, and I had a group of friends which were sensitive to energy just as I. So we always worked as a harmonious group. However, we had one start to spin off and work with negative energy… We all were attacked for months by shadow demons and our energies were always drained. it was just a battle ground. People started physically getting hurt and sick. We fought our way though it together and then we all went our own ways. almost 8 years later. One of the friends called me and it was a strange and random phone call asking if things were okay and he sounded fearful. That night a friend was killed, then that entire week I was surrounded by deaths. within that week I had a dream where the old friend that became the creator of all the mess the first time welcomed himself into a place of comfort. I have started a new life hundreds of miles away from those people. My boyfriend (who also is quite sensitive to energy had a dream last night of being attacked by “shadow creates”, nothing but black with spines and claws” Today I talk to another friend that I spent my teenage years with, He has been feeling the change in energy as well. We both see a repeat of 8 years ago happening again.

How am I suppose to talk to my boyfriend about what I need to do to keep him out of harm, and better yet…. what is the best way to start protecting myself?


Greetings Debra.  Sorry for the delay.  I recommend that you stop all association with the person in question.  If there is someone that has decided to take the negative way, then it will affect everyone that deals we the person.  He must learn on his own that what he is doing is wrong.  You must stop ALL association with these people.  It doesn’t matter if they were your friends, you must not speak with them.  Get rid of all emails, all letters, all keepsakes, EVERYTHING, and never answer call from them again!!!  I hope that I’ve made myself clear.  I’m sorry but this is the way it has to be.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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