My cell phone was on charge and I hadn’t messed with it for like a hour and it started playing a song that I never even heard of and that has never been played on my cell well the whole time it was playing it had a blank screen so after it was done I looked up the lyrics and fount the song “through smoke”.  well I have been having a hard time for the last 5 years and before the song started playing I was thinking about my kids and my grandmother (my grandmother passed away 2 yrs ago) so I was just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone and why something like this would happen cause I’m really creeped out over it…I have also seen shadows in my hallway but I ignore them because its just for a quick moment when I see it at the corner of my eye and I have also had a dream about my grandmother about a year ago, she had called me on my cell from her house phone and said to me. “I’m here to take you home” I woke up completely out of breath and couldn’t move at all, it was scary so what does all this mean cause I was so close to my grandma, she practically raised me and her last words to me before she passed was “krissi take care of your self and I love you” I just need some answers. I never had none of these kind of things happen to me before


Greetings:  Yes this has happened to others.  It would seem that your relative wanted to contact you in some way, and figured the cell phone was good.  Unfortunately it triggered your flight mechanism, and made you afraid.  When you dreamed of her saying “I’m here to take you home”, you subconsciously translated this as a message that you were going to die, and again your fear mechanism triggered itself, and startled you awake.  Sometimes people that were close to us when they were in their body stay in touch, usually because it is the embodied that call to them.  Next time try not to fear.  If it happens again let me know.  The shadows are becoming more frequent even around the world.  Much has happened in our world, so the veils are very thin.
They will go away soon.  Peace.

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