Hello, so here is my question… Ive been told my whole life that I am a very spiritual person. I always knew I had the gift of sight because all the women in my family do and In addition to that I was born a caulbearer with a veil not just over my face but my whole body. Since I was a kid ive always had dreams that come true, and just as my grandmother always warned me the older Im getting the strong and strong my gift is getting. The bulk of my information still comes to me in the form of dreams. I am very prone to astral travel (involuntarily) and often wake up with a crazy headache that can only be described as pressure between my eyebrows. But I also get visions, I hear things, I see flashes of things through the corners of my eyes. I don’t see ghost, mainly because I don’t want to but that doesn’t stop my other senses, I still hear, smell and feel them. Scent is the strongest of all of them. I can always tell who’s around me by their scent. But even that seems to be evolving. For example, for the past 3 weeks I have smelled crack cocaine around me all the time. So strong its as if it is suffocating me. And when I smell it I start to feel sick and nauseous and almost high. I later find out someone very close to me has been doing that drug and is very sick from it. The only people I can see large chunks of information about are myself, family members of blood relation or men I’ve been intimate with. Everyone else I can only pick up on their energy fields. I almost always hear peoples thought or true feelings and my intuition has NEVER been wrong about someone. So basically my question is what term would you use to classify my gift? I am very much interested in developing it even more to the point that I can see larger chunks of information about other people. From what I’ve told you, does that sound like something I have the potential for?  -Amber


Greetings Amber.  Truly sorry for the delay, things have been busy.  I think that the only classification if you must have one is that you are a true empath.  Much like a telepath only feeling based.  Many like to believe that they are empathic, but from what you have read you actually are.  Development is in order.  Peace.

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