I’m a teen now, and i’m pretty much interested and into the paranormal and things we don’t really understand. This all started from one incident that happened when i was a kid. I was around 5 years old, when this happened. I fell asleep as usual the night before this happened, and when i woke up, at the moment i opened my eyes, i saw numerous bubbles floating around in the room. Each bubble seemed to have some sort of image or place in it, and i could see through it, and even feel it with my fingertips. It felt like an electric current, with a tingling feeling, similar to when you feel Psi. I was able to touch them and change the way they appeared with thought, but i was scared and went to look for my mom. My mom and dad woke up ( it was around 7 am weekend)and they told me there were no bubbles or anything similar. By this time, these bubbles were already in more intricate forms like floating bells, tornadoes, some sort of bump under the floorboards moving very fast. It was till around 9 when they started fading, and the last of these i saw was a floating line with bells hanging on them. Then i never saw anything like this again. Though from time to time if i concentrate, i can see some sort of tunnel like image moving very fast( like i’m the train)and i’m not in the tunnel but i can see into it. One more thing, was that after that incident when i was a kid, i started to be able to feel that feeling on my fingertips since that day. Though it’s not necessary for me to know what happened, i really want to know what it was. Even theories or just what you think would help me a lot.


Greetings Jonathan.  Sorry for the delay.  I think that you should really look into development of your gift.  It would seem that you are seeing what is known as prana.  You are also seeing elemental representation.  In other words, what you call bubbles are actually the very things that make up the elements, and it would seem that they have taken an interest in you.  The bells are an invitation from the wind, and the bubbles are an invite from water.  It would indeed be wise to look into.  That beings said please take your time.  You are young so please weigh your steps.

This is indeed a gift, and one to be practiced.  If you need help.  I am here.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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