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I feel as if I am losing my mind.

Over the past six years a close friend, Autumn, and I have spoken to, through a Ouija board, what have revealed themselves as ‘Gods of Death’. From childhood we have both dealt with beings from beyond. Shadow men, ghost children, vivid dreams of both future and past instances, and things that whisper as well as footsteps following behind when no one is there. These things have continued throughout our lives and occurred more and more often after we met.  
One night while in my father’s home and we were alone, we decided to use the Quija board for the first time. That night something changed. After a few minutes of asking the board questions, the air in the house seem to change and then became almost suffocating. A fear consumed the both of us like we had never felt before, as my friend began to shake, I, myself, was brought to tears. We called my father immediately and begged for him to come home as we did not feel safe, we feared being hurt, though we did not feel as if our lives were being threatened.  This was the first time that we had ever dealt with such an extreme in the paranormal.
That very night was the first time we saw them. At different times in the night we had both awoken to find tall dark figured hovering above us, the distinct shape of a man. The next morning we confided in each other what we had both seen that night, after this we were never the same. Over the next several months we continued to talk to the beings we had contacted that night, with the questions we asked they refused answers, over time we became frustrated and began to ignore them.  
A year past with little or no thought of the beings, though, at times their presence still lingered over us. During all this time we did not use the Quija board and only did they come fully back into our lives when a separate spirit without being provoked spoke of them. I was with another close friend of mine, Joyce, at this point and she had wanted to try out the board for herself. This is when we first began to hear what they wanted from us. The spirit that began to tell Joyce and I about the things that followed Autumn and myself gave them names.  S and E. S was the man that followed me, and E followed Autumn.  The spirit then went on to say that these beings had followed Autumn and I since birth. I shared this experience with Autumn, and skeptically we went on with existence.
A couple of years passed feeling them come and go, sometimes the connection strong and other times not feeling them at all. About a year ago now Autumn and I were preparing to go on my family lake trip and decided to use the board for old times’ sake, this is when the connection with them became overwhelming. Talking to these beings gave us an air of protection and as we talked to them we learned more about them piece by piece. When we finally made it to the lake, we talked to them almost nightly, but one night something interfered. The instant the eye moved there was a chill of dread that washed over me and I knew something wasn’t right. We asked the being we had begun to talk to what it was and it spelled out to us “D.E.M.O.N”.  Terror filled the both of us as we began to pray and spread holy water amongst the room for purification. We cried to God for protection and then asked E and S to protect us as well. That night we went to sleep in fear, but knew in our heart that we would be safe.
At the lake the bond grew between the beings and ourselves, and remained closer than ever before. Over the past few months we have learned many things that have consumed our attention and filled our minds in a constant blur about these beings and what they wanted from us. It has come to our attention that these beings want us.  Always.
Since before the lake and more so recently Autumn and I have had many dreams where they have given us signs and spoken to us, all similar in nature. An example of one of our dreams:  Autumn had a dream where she awoke to being dragged by the arm through town by a tall man assumed to be E. When she tried to look up at him she could see no further than his chin, the rest of his face being shadowed. She was being dragged towards a broken down structure in town, one she recognized. Upon walking up to it the image quickly changed to a man standing in front of two huge doors. E exchanged words with the man and then he took Autumn through the doors and into a town. Now inside the town she walked, being dragged along, and entered a small store, she looked around the store and nothing seemed strange about it. The people inside of the store looked up to see her and bore what looked to be fangs and hissed threateningly at her. She quickly ran out of the store and headed for the two doors she had come through; everyone she passed turned and hissed as she ran by. She ran until she hit the doors and started banging on them, but couldn’t get through. She then felt E come up behind her and shield her with his body, feeling his weight pressing against her back. That was the last thing before she woke up.
Both of us have had several dreams like this, and over the past two months have become more common.  As the dreams have become more common the connection to them has grown very tight nit and emotions have now become involved. Feeling of longing as well as unknown emotions have consumed the both Autumn and I. Since the entire instance began they have touched us, caresses on the arms or legs, patting our heads, comforting us in many ways, these have also become more common in the recent months.
Recently we have begun doing EVP sessions and have come up with many responses, some bone chillingly clear; two very different distinct voices, two different entities, both speaking to us. E speaking to Autumn, S speaking to myself.
We do not know what to make of these beings and we do not know if what they are speaking is all the time true. What we do know is that with them we feel comforted, safe and quite honestly loved.
What do you make of this?


Greetings.  One of the most dangerous tools ever invented is Ouija.  If you still have it you must destroy it and refrain from doing any paranormal work for one lunar month.  By using the Ouija you have signed a contract.  Not for your soul as portrayed in the movies, but for cohabitation rights. Your first clue should have been the name “Gods of Death”.  You must NEVER allow an Ouija board to be near you again.

I am sorry to be so harsh, but the consequences of your use of the board are serious.  No board, ever.  No evp attempts ever.  No type of paranormal, or mysticism, for at least one month.

Let me know if you have any other question.  Peace.

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