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Just last night I was curled up in my bed relaxing getting ready to fall asleep, when I felt like someone was staring at me right in front of me. I opened my eyes and saw nothing but could feel there was an entity in front of me. I decided to close my eyes and try to go back to sleep when my head stared to move up and my hand was being pulled out as if to hold someone next to me.

I didn’t smell or see or have any clues as to what or whose spirit it was. If it had been a dead relative I may have known. But it kept moving me around in my bed. Then I felt like it was trying to have sex with me, I could feel it humping me. It wasn’t cold but it wasn’t hot. I could feel the hands on me pushing and tugging on me. What could it be?
I have seen black shadows and white ghosts before but never have they touched me and moved me around before.
Not sure what to do?
Can you help me to better understand what may be going on?
Brooklyn, NY


Interesting.  I have several clients with the same affliction.  Since the events of September 11th, there have been a string of psychic attacks of this nature.  I think that you have a bonified astral predator.  You must perform a ritual that will cause your energy to be like poison to this entity.  What you are experiencing is real, and should be taken seriously.

You must get rid of anything that was given to you that you did not give an exchange for.
You must dispose of anything that came from failed relationships.  Everything.  Also please do not give any pictures to anyone that is not family.  At this time you must cleanse.  Get some fresh rue, and garlic.  Place it at the foot, and head of your bed, and keep a white lit candle when you sleep.  ( please make sure that it is safe).  Please do not sleep in the clothing that wore out and about.  Make sure that no none enters your home that has performed a ritual using an Ouija board, and for one month you must refrain from any paranormal work other than prayer.  Read psalms 91 three times daily.  If you need further help please call me.  Peace.

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