My name is Angie. I have a question for you that I’ve wanted to know most my life. When I was a 3 years old every night I would go to bed this thing I thought was a little girl would pull me under my bed. She look severely burned and had long fingernails and she would scratch me up so I gave her the nickname scrap girl. I would fight this thing every night. My mother ended up taking me to see a doctor and they said it was a spilt personality. Now this thing never showed itself to any of my family members. As soon as we moved from that house it all ended thank God.
Do you think this was a ghost or demon?

Thanks for your great videos =)
God Bless You


Greetings: Not a demon, tho I understand the reason for thinking so, (burns on face).
Contrary to the media, and religious depiction, not all demons have hideous features, and burned faces. As a matter of fact most of them do not. Remember. Demons were fallen angels. No. This little girl was more of an angry spirit that most likely died on the property, or in the house, and thought that you were a member of her family that left her. It would be interesting to find out the history of the house. Peace. Ahura Z.

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