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Hello, i have had this dream a while ago and since i had it ive lost my dreams. i used to dream all the time and still recall them i was wondering/hoping you could tell me what it means.    the dream is this: im standing in the middle of a large grassy circle and all around the edges are tall thick trees. with me is my mother, grandmother and grandfather. they turn around to walk away leving me, i call to them to wait and turn around there infrount of me is two me’s. one of glowing white and the other of pure shadow. they join together and look just like me but the eyes. one white one black. i woke up in a cold sweat and have not dreamed since. also i had that dream when my great grandfather pasted away.  what does it mean. thank you for your help.


Greetings:  This is simple.  It is time for you to be on your own.  The family leaving is actually them saying that they have done all that they can for you, and it is time to find out who you are.
The two of you blending means that you are more than one being.  In other words.  Every decision that you make will form your alliance with an aspect of the Universe.  If you make positive decisions, then your light self will take precedence, and like wise with darkness.  This is auspicious, and you should instead of being fearful look at this as an opportunity to become.  Use you free will to determine if you will be of light or darkness, and let no one pressure you to either.  It must be your choice, and yours ALONE.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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Thank you for getting back to me. i think i left out a few details of when i had the dream.  i was 11 or 12 in the 6th grade. and shortly after i had it the three i mentioned started to pull away from me leveing me alone. also if you dont mind i had another odd dream that i would like to understand but i will ask that later. oh and do you know how i can get my dreams back?


Greetings:  The way to get your dreams back is to re program yourself to dream.  Here is a simple exercise.

Get a red apple, and hold it, smell it, remember how it feels in your hands, and the color.
When you are ready to sleep, put the apple near your bed so that you can see it.  While just gazing at the apple in your mind count backwards from 99 to 1.  The first few times you might mess up.  Don’t worry this is normal.  Just start again, and if you drift off to sleep, it is fine.  You will dream, and then see if you can find the apple in your dreams.  This is a process so please be patient with yourself.  Peace.

Thank you veary much you were a great help!  – Brittany

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