Do you or have you had any premonition about 911 or felt you’ve seen it happen around the end of June/1994?
 And do you believe that some people have such extraordinary powers and abilities that “they” wont go public because they know the public is at fault in most disasters thru apathy or “political” agenda that sets up a “domino” effect?


Greetings:  I did tell people before it happened.  I told at least fifty people, and nobody believed me until it happened, but what was I going to do?  Go to the government and say, ” there is going to be an event in September around the 11th, or 12th, that will be catastrophic, and a lot of people will die?  And then when they ask me where say, “New York”?  And then tell them that , “I saw a plane crash, followed by a huge explosion”?  Yeah right.  They would have just shipped me to Gitmo, and said that I had
something to do with it.  And Yes!  I know that there are other people like me that know many things, and can do many things but the difference between me and them is that I am no longer afraid.  I also told people about Sumatra, and Katrina.  I also know about other events.  And you are right.  If the truth came out it cause a political meltdown.  I have even offered to help the Government perhaps train a group that can foresee events like these, and thwart them.  I am what many pretend to be, and am willing to train others if they have the predilection.  Peace.  Ahura Z.

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