You recently did a video question regarding the, so called, “new astrology”, and “13th sigh”, and the constellations. I was curious what your opinion is regarding sidereal astrology versus tropical astrology (which uses the seasons as opposed to the constellations)? Which one do you practice (or do you utilize both), why, etc?


Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  I use them both, as they are both pertinent.  My issue with the hoax astrology is the fact that there is no possible way to decide based upon an astronomers opinion to create a new obviously flawed version  of astrology in just two days.  Even using sidereal, the domes are equally degreed.  Math is math, and is never subject to opinion.  Season or constellation you are still omitting earth because of central vision.  I also use Aquarian, and Vedic.  Still, the math is accurate..  If there was a 13th sign it would be installed after Pisces and have the same amount of days as any other sign.  The person that brewed up this hoax obviously did not like the sign of Scorpio, and wanted either themselves or their child to be better than the rest.  Peace.   Ahura Z.

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