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for awhile now i have been hearing deep breathing in my room while im trying to sleep or just sitting. the other night i was reading a book before bed and out of no where i hear loud and clear what sounded like a girl saying “hello”. that night while sleeping my arm was very cold and when i woke up where my arm was cold i had red marks and some scratches. i do have a cat and she stares at the ceiling and meows but i never thought anything of it till now.


Greetings:  You said that this happens only in your room.  Try to pinpoint where it comes from.

It sounds like you have a visitor that either thinks you are a sister, or you remind her of someone that she believes she knows as she seemed to have grabbed the right arm ( connotation of familiarity, and friendship). The scratches, and coldness, though errant on behalf of the entity are purely incidental, or non intentional.

What you could do is to make a mixture of salt lemon, and garlic and rub it on your arm the next time you are relaxing.  This should keep her from touching you.  This person may have also had difficulty breathing.  In any event the formula that I have given you should remedy the situation.  If things elevate let me know, I will give further instruction.  Peace

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