Now that you have been introduced to the bodies it is time to be introduced to your minds. The five bodies correspond to five minds, and function uniquely and simultaneously. It has been said that we as human beings only use fifteen percent of our brains, but this also is a scientific faux pas. A theory has been introduced and quoted, in regards to something as simple as a candy bar, that the whole is greater than the sum total of its parts. But you need the parts in order for the whole to be, therefore, we can conclude that the brain is being used in its entirety in order for it to function correctly at all. Likewise you need five minds to run five bodies. These minds are…

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is the slowest of all your minds. It is the one that runs your physical body. Unfortunately, science has done little justice to this remarkable tool, as it is a mistake to think that the brain and the conscious mind are not the same. Understanding that the first body is physical, it should be elementary that a physical mind would be needed to run it. As the world we live in is physical, all things within it have a physical representation. The conscious mind, or brain, is designed to receive, process, repeat, and remember information. This particular mind, other than to run the physical, instinctual and automatic functions of the body, for all intent and purpose has no other function. It is merely the puppet-master to the bio-mechanical suit that houses your spirit and soul.

The Subconscious Mind

The sub conscious mind is perhaps the most misunderstood mind of all, as it has been mistaken for eons with another mind (that we will discuss later). The subconscious, or thinking mind, contrary to popular belief, is the mind that is responsible for perception, understanding, comprehension and concentration. Long has it been said that the subconscious mind can only discern colors, symbols, sounds and feelings. This is incorrect. The subconscious mind should actually be referred to as the upper learning center of the brain. In other words, the subconscious mind interprets what is unseen and unspoken, to that which can only comprehend what is seen and spoken (the conscious mind).

The Sub-subconscious Mind

The sub-subconscious mind is never really mentioned in science, or even psychological journals, as little to nothing is known about it in conventional medicine. This magnificent tool is the one that is responsible for “super human” acts, or seemingly miraculous mental feats of psychic phenomenon. It could literally be referred to as the psychic mind.

Now, technically speaking, since the whole of our planet operates within an electrically charged current that pervades everyone and everything, we as human beings would need the ability to, not only transform this electrical current, but to assimilate and use this current as a power source to run our bio-mechanical machine (physical body). Furthermore, we would need, again, a translator to interpret that which has only color, sound, vibration and formless energy to the upper learning center of the bio-mech at controlled intervals, so to avoid a massive overload and breakdown of both upper and lower biomechanical function. It is this that the sub-subconscious is responsible for. It is also this mind that has been mistaken by doctor and psychotherapist alike for the subconscious mind.

Metaphysically speaking the sub-subconscious, being in tune with the vibrational frequency of the earth, can deliver timely messages to us at any given moment. What we think is psychic phenomenon is merely the attempt of the sub-subconscious to “upgrade our system” in order to help us receive more of the information that is due to us as evolving beings. A bonus is when we are mentally available, the sub-subconscious can not only deliver messages of the future or past, but hyper-charge the bio-mechanical suit, enabling it to perform great feats of physical strength, speed and agility. For instance, a person is about to step off of a curb onto the street and instantly leaps back with speed not usually at their disposal, avoiding a speeding car. Or a mother that, upon seeing her child in danger, obtains the physical strength of ten, and as soon as the crisis is over returns to her normal state, yet not knowing how she could possibly have lifted a truck by herself. That is one prime example of how the sub-subconscious mind works.

It would seem that this mind is the interpreter of the cosmos, reminding us that we are more than we seem. All in all, you could say that this mind is the bridge between God and man.

The Sub-supraconscious Mind

It has been said that there are those that have waited their whole lives for just one moment of revelation, and upon receiving this have been changed for ever…

Thus is the semi-divine nature of the sub-supraconscious mind. This mind can be effectively named our own personal harbinger of change, for each time that it filters its powerful messages to us there is ineffably a complete change, not only in our mentality, but in our physicality as well. These rays of cosmic energy may last for only seconds but the effect can last for years depending upon ones reaction and response to them. It is this mind that makes us aware that there is more to life than what we are, and calls us to reach through the clouds of normality in response to something seemingly holy, and like the mythological siren beckons us to find it if we can.

Each time this mind flashes something is created; a song, a book, a painting, or even a new life. It is the prophecy of ourselves in the future, now complete with the energy to become that which we have seen. Would that we could only tap consciously into this resource there would be no war, famine, hate or sickness, for all one would have to do is to see, and be. Fortunately, we are given this very chance from time to time by the very mechanism that is the sub-supraconscious, and that in and of itself is a revelation.

The Supraconscious Mind

The supraconscious mind is the totality of all of your minds. It is the whole that is a living part of the great mind. It is that which has been called God- or Goddess-consciousness, and rightly so. It is where every inspiration, every motivation and inclination that has been shot like cosmic arrows from the divine bow of the universe is from. It is constant, untiring, and ever vigilant in its effort to help us to guide us to ourselves, in hope that we would be interested in knowing who we are, why we are, and what we are doing. This mind is the very wellspring that all knowledge comes from and will return to; it is your highest mind. That being said, it is important to understand that the supraconscious mind is not separate from you, but, like all of the other minds is you, and works simultaneously, directly and indirectly to bring you to your optimal state of being. It is the mental heaven to our mental earth, yet one does not exist without the other. The supraconscious mind is, for lack of a better word, Holy.

All five of the minds that have been introduced work dependently and simultaneously. There is no real way to separate them, as you will find the presence of one in all, and all in one. Suffice it to say that before one studies magic, one should know that the ability even to think is magic.

Ahura Z. Diliiza owns and operates Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics where he teaches students all over the world how to develop their gifts, protect themselves psychically and improve their lives. He is a natural telepath and has been teaching, doing readings and counseling professionally for over 30 years.

In addition to his school he also trains a group of psychic investigators to assist him with house cleanings/blessings, entity removals and exorcisms. He specializes in psychic protection and self-defense and regularly answers metaphysical and paranormal questions from people around the world via his website, Ask The Unicorn and his profile on

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