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All of my life I have been given information about people, by touch or just knowing. I have always known when someone was to pass on because I would hear three loud knocks on the door, always at 3am. Before my husband passed he also heard these knocks…But only once, I hear them usually about 3-5 times. Now I have heard a very loud chime at this time..two times. Last night I heard the first chime(hurt my ears) so I got out of bed, and then heard the second chime….Any ideas of the meaning???


Greetings:  The chimes are what we call an astral bell.  In other words, when this happens it is a message.  So I would say that it is a message from beyond, or the other side.  Perhaps your husband attempting to get in touch with you.  The next time you hear it.  Light a candle and ask what the message is.  I don’t doubt that you will be able to also hear the message.  Let me know.  Peace.

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