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i started experiencing situations with spirits , seeing them and hearing them, since i was a small child, in fear of the feelings i had and have actually try to ignore them and still have occurences but not as often, i have three children one whom is a mentally diabled and has seen spirits since she was younger then i when i first started, my son has been experiencing things lately and my younges talks and laughs when no one is in the room, lately i have been having horrible dreams, cant wake up, someone watching me, and so on, i feel i know of the things that have happened in my home before us, but unsure, but this young boy seems to want my attention again lately, i am uneasy, i am also worried for my daughter who is mentally disabled cause it is disturbing her more then i want it too…i believe, but i need help with dealing what is in our home it has gone on for years and im exhausted, i want to help my daughter better her skills, she is not afraid ..i am , and uneasy but willing to do whatever it takes to make things safer for my family. Please help, thankyou for your time…god bless


Greetings:  I understand.  It would seem that it is time for you to learn.  Interesting that you already see, so I don’t have to tell you that the spirit world is real.  I will help you and your family.  Please call me when you are able.  I think that you need to learn defense.  Until we speak, keep a white candle lit in your room, and get an LED light and keep it in the room of your children, this will cut down on astral emanations.  I will notify me secretary that you will call.  Until then you must not allow your fear to overrun you.  Fear is a very powerful energy that becomes fuel to the astral world.  I will help, I promise.  Peace.


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