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hi my name is christine im 26 and i have a 2 year old girl i have had a few experiences with spirits i seem to be able to pick up on them once when i was around 15 i woke up to my self talking which never happens to me and i was sitting on the side of my bed when i came to i noticed a black figure in front of me i was talking to it but i wasn’t scared and i swear i was smiling when i was talking i quickly rolled back into my bed and put the covers over my head and i can remember it like it was yesterday
well lately im living alone in another house with my daughter some of the time and last night i was alone in bed i felt like something was in my room something different it took me awhile to fall asleep and for no reason i woke up around 2 30am and i heard a cough just above my bed on the wall i was fully alert and said wtf and turned on my laptop quickly because its next to me on my bedside table i looked around seen nothing but felt someone was watching me i left my laptop on and tried to sleep any ideas what it is?


Greetings.  I am truly sorry for the delay.  It sounds as if the entity that you heard was indeed a spirit that was trying to get your attention.  The cough was just a way to get you to acknowledge that someone was there.  I don’t think that you have anything to be afraid of however.
If this happens again let me know.   Peace.


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