Let us begin with the bodies, as it is with these we humans have a remarkable fascination. The body that you were given to live in is merely a tool. Much like a car or truck, it gets you from point a to point b.

Most of us have been taught that this is the only body that we have, and that there is nothing that we can do about it. But I say thee, nay! There are four more to go along with that one. You actually have five “bodies” that live simultaneously and function perfectly on both a conscious and unconscious level. Each exists on a different plane (or dimension, as you will) but they are all you. These bodies are:

The Physical Body

The physical body; a perfect bio-mechanical unit comprised of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and a combination of minerals that are hyper charged by a group of elements (which we will cover later) to cause a combination of reactions, responses, and dynamics which enable you to move, breathe, and function on a normal day to day basis. In essence, even your physical body is a living example of alchemical and mystical manipulation, manifestation, and animation. In other words, “magic”.

Even if we were to compare the physical body to the symbology of magic we would find a strange coincidence. Leonardo Da Vinci depicted a man in a five pointed stance which, even scientifically, matches the pentacle, or five pointed Star. Each extremity representing a body, element, sense, and dimension culminating into one being.

The Astral Body

The second body that you have is called the astral body. This body actually fits over your physical body much like a glove, encasing and even protecting your physical body. It is this body that you can learn a great deal from, but at the same time learn to protect, as it has a tendency to leave sometimes – unconsciously – the physical body, in the event of trauma or stress.

The astral body exists on a corresponding dimension, or astral realm that, although lacking physical tangibility, is every bit as real as the physical dimension. There is color, shape, depth, and even texture to this realm. It is where one is more than likely to have an encounter with beings that are without a physical body, or even beings from other kingdoms, (elementals, changelings, etc.).

Many have tried with some success to harness the ability to enter into this realm for short periods of time in order to find answers or seek guidance from one or more of the vast amounts of residents that live there, for the purpose of spiritual or personal development. Unfortunately, what the average novice or practitioner does not know, or even thinks about, is the nature of the astral realm. It is seductive, unstable, chaotic and, like nitroglycerin can explode in one’s face.

For those that wish to delve onto the astral ocean, it is advisable to take into consideration these points:

  1. There are many beings that live there that have no body, and know that they need a body in order to complete their Evolutionary process.

  2. Because of the lack of physical limitation, these same beings can assume any shape that they please, even if only temporarily.

  3. Because of the lack of mental barriers in the astral realm, your thoughts are like beacons of light to these inhabitants, as are your fantasies, so it might be dangerous to assume that you are speaking with whom you think you are speaking.

  4. The seductive nature of the astral realm can lead one into an almost obsessive state, causing one to want to be overly comfortable with the astral, and unbalanced in the physical, resulting in a sort of neurosis, much like the heroin or opium addict. Not to mention the fixation on certain beings that emulate or copy someone that the practitioner has taken a fancy to in the physical realm, causing them to believe that there is a relationship between the practitioner and the physical being (which has been the case in many stalking cases). The practitioner loses his/her grip on the tangible, is at the mercy of fantasy, and can be ultimately lost to their own desire.

  5. In order to visit the astral realm one has to use massive amounts of energy to stay. Although it appears that one is merely resting, the astral body is draining itself, and will begin to drain energy from the physical body (burning the furniture in order to keep the train running). This causes a parasitic dynamic between the astral body, and the physical body, and if the practitioner fails to “get a grip”, then the physical body becomes weaker, and weaker. Signs of physical degeneration may be barely noticeable to the observer at first, but then as time marches on drastic physical changes will make themselves apparent. For those practitioners that do tangle with the astral web, here are some signs that the water has become too deep for you:

    a. Rapid loss of muscle mass and drop in body heat

    b. Rapid weight gain and lethargy accompanied by depression

    c. Abandonment of physical awareness and deceitfulness, accompanied by severe mood swings, and the complete loss of common sense.

If this sounds familiar stay out of the astral realm! 

These points being considered, the benefit of this realm are great. You can detect malady or sickness long before it registers on your physical body, which can afford you time to counteract the malady “astrally” and avoiding it altogether. First you are going to have to use something that is of the astral realm, while staying conscious. For lack of a better term, let us call this the imagination.

One has to understand this gift in order to use it, as it could very well be said that the astral body is the very fuel of the dream machine. That being said, we will move on until such a time that we can address the “how to” aspect of using the astral realm safely. 

The Ethereal Body

The ethereal body is that which joins us all in a network of light, much like a spider’s web, and has been called by “airy fairy-ists” the aura, the “white light”, or the “halo”. In truth it is merely the vibrational frequency field that each individual has that distinguishes one being from another. A signature, if you will, that emanates out from the body as rays of light emanate from the sun. Each person has a different color and pattern. Each has a sound and solidity, based upon the personality of the individual.

As was stated earlier we are still connected by what would appear (to those who could see it) white bands of light that seem to go from one person to anther and then connect to the very earth, moving endlessly between mother and child, husband and wife, friend and foe alike. We as human beings thrive on the ethereal field of the Earth, because she is not only our home, but also our source of food, shelter and make-up. Without the earth we would not exist, as the material that we are created from comes from “her” and goes back once we leave our physical form. Literally we are one with the Earth and with one another. When Jesus said when a man commits and act in his heart it is as sure as committing it physically he of course was speaking the truth, as we are ethereally joined.

The Spirit Body

The spirit body is, along with the soul, the most mystifying aspect and body. The spirit is the living principal force of life, and is indomitable. Contrary to a popular belief the spirit cannot be harmed by anyone or anything. It is that part of you that is totally and completely beyond vulnerability. So to say that something hurt your spirit, or your spirit is suffering is absolutely incorrect. You must understand that nothing, absolutely nothing, can harm your spirit. Not even YOU.

The Soul Body

The soul body is that which completes us as living beings. It is the force behind and in front of everything that we are, have been, and will ever be. It is the highest vibration of all bodies, and totally unfathomable (as is the spirit). It is the part of us that is music, art, love, dance, feeling and knowing, and that which gives breath to us all. This body, along with our spirit body, cannot be touched by you or anyone else, as the Universe in their grand wisdom knew that if we could touch our souls we’d only try to find a way to dominate it in ourselves and others (Universal fail-safe, you might call it). Thus our task is clear; if we as growing beings want to become more in tuned so as to be able to see our spirit or soul bodies, then we will evolve.

So until the time that we can perceive clearly these bodies, let it suffice to say your spirit and soul bodies are doing what they are supposed to do, and are the highest part of yourselves, hoping beyond hope that you will be interested enough to find out exactly what you’re made of.

In essence we are much more that we have been led to think that we are, and are the very children of a force that has been around longer than even the most ancient among us could remember. The cloth and thread that the God/dess created all things from is Magic…

Ahura Z. Diliiza owns and operates Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics where he teaches students all over the world how to develop their gifts, protect themselves psychically and improve their lives. He is a natural telepath and has been teaching, doing readings and counseling professionally for over 30 years.

In addition to his school he also trains a group of psychic investigators to assist him with house cleanings/blessings, entity removals and exorcisms. He specializes in psychic protection and self-defense and regularly answers metaphysical and paranormal questions from people around the world via his website, Ask The Unicorn and his profile on AllExperts.com.

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