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First: Lately I have been getting this dizziness that “floods” my vision with blues and greens, and sounds like I have water in my ears. My mom took me to various eye doctors, but they can’t find anything. Also I have been seeing these blue sparks that I learned was called prana, while also seeing reds and greens ever now and then. I haven’t been able to see it in food yet it’s just in the air. Recently I learned -about a year ago- I was a healer. I still view myself as a novice, but i have been able to fix a few things with my health and some minimal affect on the people I am around. Is it possible I accidentally altered the mana in food I’m eating or is it completly neurological?

Second: A few months ago I while I was trying to go to sleep, I had my eyes closed while fully awake. I felt someone place a hand on the side of face, but I didn’t move because I wanted to be sure it wasn’t all in my head. Then I slowly I opened my eyes and saw someone glowing lightblue in an old fashioned robe.I wasn’t afraid just calm. Before I could look up further, it disappeared. I think it disappeared because I when I was younger I once said outloud that I didn’t want to see “them”, but they could talk if needed to know something. (and “they” have told to hurry up when I was walking home late) My second question is was that angel or a close family member that passed on?

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Greetings:  Sorry for the delay.  This means that your ability to “see” is trying to increase itself, and by the way.  It will not be denied.  I think that it is interesting how most people are afraid of this don’t you?  You are obviously receiving messages on an etheric level, hence the feeling of water in your ears.  Soon your hearing will become very acute, and you will see more than just colors.  Astrologically you are having what is known as a Neptunian experience.
Not that you come from the planet, but Neptune in astrology represents vision, and a certain type of vision.  It is time to think about development.
The being that you are seeing is indeed the same.  As to the nature of the entity, so far they have agreed to your requests of just hearing them.  You are older now and they will not harm you, so I think it is time to allow them to show themselves.  I’m sorry however, I see no physical connection to you so we can also rule out family members.  Please let me know hoe this works out.  Peace.

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