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I keep having these dreams about being in houses with secret rooms and/or passages in them. I have rescently have had a dream about one of these homes where I went through it locking the upstairs doors and especially this one particular door that was about the width of half the size of a regular doorway but it led to a regular sized room. In this dream I was trying to lock this spirit/entity in this room. Once I was successful I walked away and then turned to find that this spirit/entity following me. Not sure what to make of these dreams and especially the last one with the spirit in it. Can you help?


Greetings:  What this means is that something that you locked away as a child is about to surface.  It is more than likely something that happened when you were a child hence the size of the door.

This may indeed also be a hidden ability that you tried to shut out.  Be patient and unafraid.  You will be alright  Peace.  p.s.  let me know if you have the dream again.

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