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My fiance and I have lived in our current apartment for roughly 9 months. From the first week we moved in, we have heard on an regularly irregular basis (if that makes sense – meaning it happens on a regular basis but is unpredictable) a knocking that sounds like it comes from either above us or within the walls next to us in our kitchen.

The knocking sounds like knuckles on a wall or door, sometimes sounds like a hammer on wood; it is usually in a series of 3-7 knocks in a row, very quickly and abrupt. It happens and then does not usually repeat again during the same day. It has occurred at all hours of the day and night – and I mean ALL. Morning, afternoon, evening, past midnight. Daylight or dark, lights on or off. The only time we ever hear it is when we are in the kitchen. Only time I’ve noticed that I don’t hear it otherwise is when we have company over; however, it is possible that we’re distracted by conversation and just don’t notice.

My fiance and I both hear it, and our two dogs as well – they have responded by perking their ears up and looking around.

I have also noticed before, my Jack Russell Terrier sometimes standing in the hallway outside the kitchen, looking across into our spare room, as if he is watching or waiting for someone to do something in the room, when the lights were off and the room empty. This really freaked me out.

I feel crazy talking about it, as if I’m looking for a reason to be freaked out, but sometimes you have a gut feeling that there is more going on. That is the case here.

Is there something that could explain this? And what can I do to make peace with or understand these spirits, if that is what is going on? What should I do or how should I react? I am not bothered by it, but would like to understand it.

Thank you in advance for your time!


Greetings:  This is interesting.  There is definitely an attempt to communicate with you and your fiance.  The knocking in odd numbers proves this.  There is evidently someone that is trying to tell you something using a form of sound symbols.  What I mean by this is, each of the knocks could be a letter, or initial.  for instance in numerology 3=c, 7=g etc.  See if you can make out a name or word when the knocking occurs.  This is obviously not malevolent so there is nothing to fear.  It sounds like this entity may have been in the military, and is looking to speak.  Please let me know what you find out.  Peace.

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