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I had my brother n law sage my house; as I was seeing some shadowy thing in a certain corner. The sage burned and smoked everywhere in the house but that corner. The sage would only burn but would not smoke. What does this mean? Thank you


Greetings.  There are two possibilities.  You got bad sage, or this entity is stronger than the effects of what you were doing.  You see.  Sage is a form of purification used to clear a space of any vibration for specific ceremonies, the key word here being “any”.  Unfortunately, over time this was misinterpreted, and therefore misused.  Most people think that sage is this mystical cureall for negative vibration.

1. Sage will clear a space of previous set vibration, that is not naturally occurring, for a brief period, in other words it is meant to create a hole so that one or a group can perform and complete ceremonies without leaving evidence that they have been there.  Once the ceremony is complete, and all involved are gone, the “hole” in the previous vibration will close and the previous vibration will continue unless an exorcism, or energy change has been successfully effected.

2. Sage is indeed a powerful tool, however.  It must be handled by someone that will respect its value, and knows how to use it.

3.Never assume that what you see is bad,and try to cleanse it with sage, and if it is and you don’t know what you are doing find someone that does.  Fortunately there are ample channels for learning about such things, and we all have access.  

4.  You must consider the fact that the entity that you are trying to cleanse might have been from an indigenous tribe familiar with the use of sage, and knows how to counteract it.

5.  Try a different sage stick, and see if the same thing happens.  You might try using a living “rue” plant as it has cleansing properties, and will do this on its own.  It is also specific plant that you need as it specifically wards off evil.  But my best advice is to find someone like myself and have them to come to your home and perform a removal, and cleansing ceremony for you until you have learned what to do with the full thought and knowledge there of
If you need me further, I am here.  Peace.

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