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I’m so glad to have finally found you, after years of experiences beyond the veil, several near death experiences/death experiences, and being prone to psychic attack/vampirism.  I’ve been given ArchAngel Michael’s shield to protect myself, and still psychic attack gets through.  I’ve been given advice of protection with white light, blue light, love energy, black tourmaline, angels, black obsidian,and still I am drained somehow. In the past month, I am awaken every night at 2 or 3 am, and am kept awake.All my life I pick up people’s thoughts, they get through my mind, and I confuse it as my thoughts, and do whatever they bid.  How to protect myself sufficently? I got so confused last month, and exhausted that I just wanted to crossover (die).  What is going on?  with all the protection  tools I received and used, it didn’t seem to work?  Also, question about hypnosis and psychicism?  I appreciate any and all help.
Thank you.


Greetings:  I understand that you are going through alot but, the thoughts of dying I dont believe are yours.  I think that you have switched energy with someone, and it is their thoughts, and energy that you are dealing with.

This happens often in a vampiric situation.  A person cannot just drain your energy, they have to, to a degree, “trade” with you so to speak, which means that you at some point have either came into contact, or had a relationship with a person that had questionable energy, or you have recieved some object, or made an agreement with a person, which would be why it is hard for you to block the negative energy out.

If you have an agreement either spoken, or traded,, then there is no crime being committed, and therefore no reason for micheal, ( the Police Angel to act).  We humans get tricked into forging “contracts with evildoers all the time.

These contracts come in the form of friendships, family, and yes even relationships. 

A good policy to adopt is if anything is given to you, make sure that there is ALWAYS an exchange.  This way there is no obligation, and no contract, and if the person wont accept your exchange, the DO NOT accept their gift no matter how hurt they are. 

Another is to make sure that you do not allow things, or people into your life, and even your home that you know have bad energy.

 As far as crystals, or stones. the only one that I find curious is the use of obsidian for protection, as it is for attraction, and the stone itself absorbs energy, not only from outside, but from you as well.  My advice is to chuck it, and all of them, and use (if you must use stones).

Garnet, flourite, and Pyrite.  You’ll feel better.  Also.  A little beef jerky, will stop the attacks temporarily. 

You are obviously very sensitive, and in need of shielding lessons.  Give me a call when you can.    If you need me, I’m here.   Peace,   Ahura Z

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