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Years ago I dated a girl who considered herself a Wiccan.  At times she would read my Tarot cards, and many times seemed to revolve my reading around herself.  This made me very uncomfortable, because it seemed she was using this reading to try and manipulate me into or out of certain situations.  This was one of the many behaviors she exhibited that seemed troublesome, and after discovering her sociopathic behaviors the relationship ended.

When we broke up, she claimed to lay a curse on me and my future relationship with my next girlfriend.  Things went well with this new girlfriend for a few years, we were engaged, then suddenly, poof, it was over.  While I have little explination as to how it ended, it generally revolved around a lack of good communiction between the two of us.  While I do take most of the responsibility for this not working out, there’s still a deep seeded idea that maybe the curse played some role in why and how this ended.

Years went by, and the Wiccan girl involved herself in some seedy activities and ended up serving time in prison.  She attempted to contact me from prison, and I wanted nothing to do with her.  I ignored her attempts to contact me repeatedly.  A little over a year ago, she was released from prison.  Upon her release, she found a way to contact my sister, and asked her to tell me to contact her.  My sister passed the details of this strange request on to me, and i promptly ignored this request as well.  The girl from prison continued to contact my sister in an attempt to contact me, to the point where my sister became uncomfortable with the situation and changed her phone number.  Neither one of us have heard from her since, however, I do know that she has been viewing my profile on MySpace, and discovered that I had been playing poker professionally at that time.

Shortly after learning that she had been viewing my MySpace page, my general luck in cards went from marginal to downright unclucky as hell.  In situations where my opponents had no business playing let alone winning, they were doing just that.  My unlucky spell got to the point where I was forced to go back to work legitimately.  Now I have a fulfilling job, that I enjoy and play cards as recreation.  I never considered the idea that something had happened until recently, when a friend asked me to explain my horrible luck.  I traced the beginning of my bad run back to her attempting to contact me and me twarting her attempts. 

Many have told me that I can only allow such a curse to effect me if I believe that it is real.  However, as I mentioned, my luck turned long before I considered the possibility I had been cursed.  While I don’t even know for sure that she attempted to curse me, I would not be surprised if she did, simply to “get back at me” for all of the pain I caused for her.  Again, stability is not her strong suit.

I would love any imput that you may have into the possibility of this and any potential treatments, or reccomendations.  I’m not even entirely sure how this type of thing works, but I would love to hear any opinion or insight you may have into this type of situation.

Thank you very much in advance,




Wow!  This sounds like a classic attack.  Now in irder for me to help you first I must show you the difference between a curse, and an attack.

A curse takes an obsurd amount of energy focused through concentration, rithual, and discipline that based upon the description that you have rendered about the persons mental state is not likely.

However a psychic attack is more than just likely, but again to your description certainly the case.

An attack takes place when a person believes that they have the right to focus their energy in a fit of rage, or emotional psychosis, based upon a desire to hurt you either because they believe that you owe them something, that they want to hurt you in some way or
because they want you to do something that will benefit them.  Either way, an attack is ALWAYS based upon an emotional outburst.

What this means to you is that you must have kept something that she either gave to you, or she has something that you gave to her.

Now.  The fact that you had a relationship with her, makes you vulnerable, and therefore made it easy to maintain a psychic connection to you.  And holding on to things that she gave you prolonged it.  The biggest mistake that people make when leaving a relationship is failing to see that when its over, its OVER.  Good times or bad, it didnt work, and as long as there is some remnant held onto, your next relationship is doomed to fail.

So first.  You are doing the right thing by not contacting her, however, you should take all pictures off of your myspace account, as she can indeed use your image to focus negative energy on you, causing you to think that the only way to end it is to get in touch with her.

2.  I’m sure that she doesnt want to go back to jail, so use convention.  You and your sister are being harassed.  Get a restraining order.

3.  Make sure that there is nothing, NOTHING that was hers, that she gave you, that you bought together, that she wrote you, etc.
still in your house, I dont care what it is, get rid of it.

4. If at all possible, never mention her name again.  Call her whats her name, or something.

and five.  Open your bible to Psalms 71, and read it out loud once a day for 7 days, followed by psalms 91, the connection will be broken.

Peace, be in your life, and if you need me, I’m here.   Peace.   Ahura Z.

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