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Hello, i signed up to this site hoping to get some answers..

I recently had a dream that shook me to the core. So much that i am seeking the help of a psychic to read me to see if i have negative energies following me. In my dream, i was walking thru my house, which was all dark, and when i came to the archway of my bedroom, i felt cobb-webs across my face, then with the next step they consumed my body. but visually, they were not there. In one swift motion, i was picked up off the ground and while still surrounded by the cobb webs, i was violently electrocuted and picked up by my neck, only to be flung towards the ground head-on. When the floor was only 2 inches from my face, i awoke.. The scary part was that my hands and body felt as if i had just grabbed an electric fence and held on. I was numb, tingling, and shaking with fear. to this day, i cry and shake when i think about it, it was that overwhelming.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. I have felt for years that there is something transfixed on me and constantly following me. I’m of sound mind, but the paranoia is increasing and i’m scared for my children. I had read that entities can attack you in the astral realm, maybe this would explain my violent dreams since childhood, the night panic attacks, and the feeling of being followed. It seems that EVERY home i have ever lived in was “haunted” and if there is a negative person, i pick up on their energy and get these gut twisting feelings about people without even knowing them. to the point that i feel nervous or even sick around certain people. Is that normal?

I know i’m not crazy, i’m a good christian person, a medical student, but still i feel singled out and i think whatever this is, is toying with me emotionally.
Is this even possible?

i would appreciate any advice on how to fight it. thank you so much,


Greetings Layna:  Sorry for the delay.  It sounds like you’ve experienced something trying to get in your body.

Not neccesarily demonic, but an entity never the less.  Fortunately the entity could not successfully enter because of your body’s energy, hence the electric shock.  This entity most likely when it was alive looked like you, and actually believed that the body that you have belongs to it.  In other words
you are its doppleganger, and it belives that it should have your body.  I know that this sounds rather Sci Fi but bear with me.

Sometimes when a person leaves their body, via astral travel, or trauma they dont die.  They wander, and wait until they can be reunited with their body.  This could take years, often the case ina person suffering a coma.  This person is essentially traped and still technically alive but physically dormant.

Now imagin that you were in a coma for perhaps a year or two, and someone decides to pull the plug, thinking that it would be the best thing to do since medical science has no way to bring you back.

Now imagine that you, in your spirit form being knocked out of your body coming back only to find that they have pulled the plug.  You are still alive, but they have pulled the plug on you.

Now imagine that you, wandering along without your body finding some one who is identical to you, physically in every way operating in what appears to be YOUR body.

Freaky huh? 

Fortunately we live in a predominantly third dimensional exsistance, and THAT my friend is what saved you, AND caused you to be shocked..

You see…  A metaphysical law that is irrefuteable states that two living beings cannot inhabit the same body, at the same time.  It would be like trying to put two magnets of the same polarity together.
  They have no recourse but to repell each other.  Further more you are correct in your assesmont that you are being singled out, and followed.

I think that the entity is waiting for an opportunity to “take back her body”.  Fortunately for you, she cannot.

So truthfully you have nothing to fear, and that shock was felt be her as well, so she might even know by now that you and her are different, but also know that there is a possibility that she could be born through you.   

All in all.   If you have a similar experience call me.    Peace.   Ahura Z.    p.s.   No astral travel please…


Hello, and thank you so much!!

when i first read your response, it sent goosebumps down my back because it was the exact same thing that the psychic had told me hours earlier. she had said that there was a girl following me that was obsessed with the idea that we are the same person. Two of the same explanations in the same day is enough for me Smiley
I guess the world is more than what we see with our own eyes..

Your explanation strangely confirmed what i had been feeling in my heart. I felt as if something was trying to take me, and it is a bizarre feeling to have. i guess i just don’t know where to go from here..

thanks so much, and if you have any advice, i would truly appreciate it.
thanks again~

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