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Hi Unicorn,

In your posts, you often recommend people refrain from using alcohol.  How does alcohol affect our energy bodies?   Why does it make us vulnerable to psychic attack?  I’ve heard this before but was never told why.  I guess I’m the curious type. 

Thanks, Sky


Hi Sky:  Well lets think about it. When a person drinks, the alcohol subdues what would be normal reaction-and-response time, alters the ability to navigate and operate in a third dimensional world, and causes severe mood and personality changes often not remembered after the effect of the alcohol has worn off. In other words the consumption of alcohol can potentially cause complete and total loss of awareness, rationality and consciousness, thereby opening the person up to not only physical attack, but mental, emotional, and psychic attack as well.

Alcohol was NOT meant for straight consumption, but for medicinal uses and remedies, and in my opinion as a psychic policeman and a person that has seen the atrocities that the consumption of alcohol has caused to women, children, men and families around the world, it should be used only for those purposes still.

Bars are a breeding ground for vampirism, psychic attack, parasitism, familial destruction, rape, theft, murder and demonic possession, and should all (and I do mean ALL) be closed. And if a person has to drink, it should be a crime to be seen outside of their homes and inebriated, and any person exhibiting violent or abhorrent behavior in public should be immediately tested for alcohol consumption via breathalyzer.

Any woman that involves herself with a man that drinks (or vise-versa) is asking for pain, suffering, abuse and constant degradation. If you have listened to as many horrific stories as I have, you would feel the same.

Its often been said that a person says what they really feel when they are drunk, and many actually take a drink (or two, three…) before they can allow themselves to do something like dance, sing, speak their mind or even stand up for themselves. What is it that they say? Hmmm… oh yeah, “I’m a great dancer once I get a couple of drinks in me”. That’s NOT cool but cowardice.

What that’s saying is that a person needs to hide behind a bottle in order to be honest, and that also means that when they are sober they are also lying and should by no means be trusted…

This is not to say that a person cannot have “a” drink once in a while, but social drinking leads to social stupidity, and should be refrained from. If you have to have more, drink in your own home privately, and if you have a problem do the right thing and seek help. There are magnificent programs that have proven to themselves…

In order to destroy a person you first have to destroy their energy. The consumption of alcohol makes it easier to do. So my suggestion to you, and everyone else is. “Drop the bottle, and back away slowly…”

Sorry for the rant, but as you will probably find out thats my nature.

Peace.  Ahura Z

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