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Over the past couple of months I’ve been experiencing a strange smell. As with most paranormal activity I’ve experienced, it is in my house. The feeling of being watched, windows scraped, plants ruffling when there is no wind, and footsteps are common as well. Usually they occur when I am alone, so I do not have to worry about my family. A threatening bang on the outside of a room I was in with my cousin recently turned things around. This odour I detect can only be described as sulphuric, terrible. No one else can smell it. As a strong, resiliant person experiences such as these don’t usually bother me. This time it bothers me greatly. I cannot tell if it means to harm, hinder or just to gain attention. I do know that this issue cannot be ignored, and that never before have I turned to an expert for help. This smell makes me wretch, I fell sickly and as though I want to hide away. There is no specific patterning either. It is quite frequent, and I know it is not a smell that my family or house could be making. I appreciate your help, as I have no answers at hand.


Greetings. Sorry for the delay. There are many that can smell see. This type of “seeing” is every bit as valid as seeing with the eyes. What you want to do is develop this. Now to answer you question. What you are smelling is indeed an apparition, but it is the energy of something that has died but unwilling to let go. You see. A ghost is just a remnant of what once was, but a spirit has the ability to interact with the living even if it is on a minor scale. What you are smelling is an entity that follows you because it knows that you can see.

You must explain to the spirit that it is making you ill, and you do not wish to smell it.
Tell it if it wants to communicate it must do so without a scent. If it will not listen then you must cleanse your home. Get some live rue, and citronella, and spread it around your home.

This will act as a repellant. Let me know how it turns out. Peace.

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