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I have lived in my current apartment now with my roommate/friend for around 5 months. The first month we lived here, the fire alarms went off around 12:30 at night, awaking both of us. We have three fire alarms. One is in his room, one is in mine, and one is in the living room. This first time it went off constantly for around 3 minutes. We did not think much of it.
Since this, my alarm has gone off several more times, each time with different patterns and is happening more and more consistantly.
The second time it went off was again at 12:30 at night a couple of months later. They went off several times in a row…not beeping as if it had a low battery. I got out of bed and went into the living room where the second one started going off consistantly with the first one, and then the one in my roommates room started going off with the other two. I saw a form of smoke move from the top of my bedroom door into the living room as I was going into the living room, and then it disappeared. That night, a couple of hours later, my brothers friend died in a car accident. My roommate was not home this night. We also got a note on the door a day or two later about how the office would be coming in to change batteries in the smoke detectors, check them, and change filters.
Two weeks later, my Mom’s friend, Kim Tinkham-known for breast cancer survival and following “The Secret” as shown on the Oprah show, passed of liver cancer on a Tuesday (two weeks ago). Wednesday, I found out my old roomate and friend from high school was found dead in her apartment that Monday from a brain aneuresym. Wednesday, my alarms went off several times. My fireplace was shaking…not to be too dramatic but to say the most it was just not normal and I heard scratching sides inside of it. I went and stayed with a friend that night. Again my roommate was not home and it was at 12:30 at night.
Since then, my alarm has gone off three different days, during the day around 6pm.
I have been to a holistic fair in the past…about two summers ago, where before that fair I was agnostic. I met with an angel reader who wouldnt tell me my angels name, told me i could see things in mirrors, that i had several baby angels around me, that i was right about it being a tall male figure, and to go home and zoom in all of my pictures which my grandpa can be seen a few of them, and orbs in majority of them. i met with the “holistic warrior” on my life-path who told me that my ora was a rainbow, like his, that i had similar abilities that i was blocking off for some reason, that i would find it eventually, to pay more attention to my energy. For example, i am a teacher. He asked if I ever have problems with my students or in my classroom. I am on year 3 of teaching, and I have never had an issue in my classroom. My students come to talk to me about the most private things…being in gangs, abuse,etc. Things that could honestly get some of them killed if they told a soul. The “Holistic Warrior” offered to personally coach me when he lives in Oklahoma and I live in Texas. He told me my life-path was a spiritual counselor or coach. Since the day I met with these two people, I have noticed more things, am definitely spiritual, and have had a lot of things happen.
I can always tell the energy of a place if it isn’t good and I see things sometimes. The first day I moved into my apartment I felt a dark energy in the corner of my room where my bed is. On the other side of that wall is a porch storage unit. The storage unit also presents a dark energy. We have a terrible roach problem…even if we keep the place spotless, get it professionally sprayed, and use sprays and traps of our own. They die but there is always more. It seems to be a problem with this particular building per the office.
I live on the third floor…where I hear footsteps and there is no fourth floor. I hear voices but cannot make them out. While lying in bed one night with my friend that was staying over, there was a huge “boom” on that wall that woke us both up immediantly. She is spirtual as well and feels the same energy. She actually asked me about it before I ever admitted it to her.
I just want to know if this is a good spirit or bad spirit because I get different feelings at different times. Is it trying to tell me something? Is it someone I know? Or someone that has a connection to this apartment or land area? Can you tell me anything that would be of any help?



Now. Since you have obviously had some spiritual training, and guidance I will not speak to you as I would a novice.

The first thing for you to do in this instance is to look at the obvious. There is a malevolent spirit that seems to have focused itself on you, for whatever reason and because your energy is strong it cannot hurt you so to speak, but it can hurt those that are around you.

As for the fire alarm. The first thing that I would do is to replace them altogether as an entity can attach itself to objects such as these.

Listen. There is no such thing as a baby angel as chronology has absolutely nothing to do with divinity.

The “angel reader could not tell you what your angels name is because she does not know. Yes. We all have guardian angels but names are unimportant as they have a job to do, and sociality is the least of what matters when they are fighting on your behalf. However. I will go as far as to say that you are of the court of the angel of youth, and knowledge, which is widely known as “Raphael” so it might do you good to research in this area.

When you felt the dark energy in the apartment, that should have sent up a red flag, and you should have chosen a different apartment.

The most important part of this is every time the alarms happen, soon thereafter someone meets with tragedy. What this means is that you must get away from the place. You are not equipped to fight the anger that is associated with this place. If the holistic warrior cannot help give me a call and I can instruct you as to how to at least keep the energy off of your person. Till then. Get a small dish, and put a mixture of seasalt and vinegar in it, and keep a white candle in your room. This will cut the astral emanation. Peace.

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