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In the past few weeks I have seen the “shadowman”, the one wearing what looked like a cowboy hat. I also have been visited(twice) by someone that looks like an old man (actually looks kind of like my husband). The first time I was awakened by the feeling that someone was there and I thought it was my husband in the room across from my bedroom, staring out the window. Sine both bedroom doors were closed, it was impossible to see him in the room across from me. The second time (about two weeks later)he was in my bedroom (my husband and I sleep in separate rooms), in the same position as the last time, just staring out the window. I was awakened suddenly because I knew someone was in the room. It then walked past the foot of my bed and started toward me. I knew instantly that it was not my husband. I started to ask who was there, but I switched on the bedside lamp and it was gone. I had locked the bedroom door the night before, and it was still locked. This has occured just before daybreak. The shadowman has appeared outside a window, looking in and just staring at me. Do you have any ideas on what this means. My husband is in bad health. I’m clueless.


Greetings: This entity is not “the”, but it is a shadow person as there are meany.
The entity is astral in nature, and was probably drawn in by your husbands state of affairs. You see when a person is in ill health astrally they may take an astral form. That astral form will attract other astral forms which can attach themselves to the person who is in ill health. This is illustrated by the older astral form of your husband. The shadow person is an apparition that is either attached, or seeking to attach itself in order to infiltrate your husband. When you saw it and reacted the way that you did, you essentially broke the connection and therefore unconsciously “kicked it out”. Keep a candle, or even a night light in yours and your husbands room, it will keep it at bay, and eventually it will not be able to drain your husbands energy in order to manifest itself. Call me if you need further assistance.

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