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My little girl is 3.. and twice she said she smells death.. What do that mean.. Now my dad past away and she never said that and she was always around him.. I want to know is this a sighn that somebody in my family is going too die or me Thank you


Greetings: No. You are not going to die pre maturely. This does not always mean that someone is going to die. Remember. You yourself stated that she never said that when she was around your father. I think that someone told her that her Grandfather was dead, and being an intelligent child she made the connection to death being someone who was dead, which means that the dead have a certain smell. I believe that the more appropriate thing for her to say is that she smells a ghost, or someone that has died, or someone that smells like Grandpa. Ask her if she can smell Grandpa, and then ask what he smells like. If she says death, then you have it.

Now. Some people have the gift of being able to smell when there is a death in the family. If this is the case with her, when she says it, ask her where. Start here, and let me know what the answers are. Peace.

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