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My husband and I live in luling. We bought a House that is a 100yrs old. We don’t know much about the history of the House but weird things are happening.

We awoke one morning to the front door wide open! There are two locks on the door and we have an alarm system.
That morning the front door was open and the alarm was still on but not going off. That night my husband said he Felt like something was holding him down while he slept. He swore he could hear voices whispering in his ear as well.

I thought it was a dream. I know a person can still be asleep but feel awake and are unable to move. We both left to work that morning and I locked my two puppies in their kennels in the closet. In our bedroom we have a closet that’s about the size of a small room.

My cat has been known to free the dogs from their cages by playing with the lock. I wanted to keep them from getting out so also shut the doors I tied a rope around the knob so that the cat could have no possible entry.
(the closet doors are shutter like doors that have to be pulled away from each other to open). When i came home for lunch the dogs greeted me at the door. I was surprised that they got out. I went to the back room the cages were opened as was the door.(The rope untied)

I thought the cat out smarted me some how so I locked the dogs up the same way. This time I locked the cat in the guest bedroom. When I came Home from work at the end of the Day the dogs were out again! I opened the guest bedroom and was stumped as my cat was still locked in the room sleeping on the bed.

When I went to my room this time the doors were still shut and the rope still tied them together! When I opened the door the cages were wide open.

That night I told my husband that I didn’t believe that something happened to him that night because I had no answers for what happened to me during the day.

We spoke to a friend who is going to school to be a pastor he told us to pray and bless the house. So we went to every room and asked that if there was anything bad and not godly to please leave.

That night, and the next month everything was fine. But now things are starting again even though we pray every night. (wed Nov 24 2010) My husband was in bed sleeping, and our room mate and I were laughing at something on TV. My husband came out and asked us if one of us were outside his bed room laughing. We said we were laughing, but we were in the living room (on the other side of the house). My husband said maybe your voices just carried cause it sounded like you were laughing outside of the bedroom door.

This Thursday (11-25-2010) I was alone because our room mate(husbands best friend), and my husband went to take his grandma a plate of food. I heard someone, thing? Knocking on our sliding glass door in the master bed room. Now it was really windy that night a cold front just blew in so I wrote it off as the wind. The weird thing was it only made that noise when I was alone, and it was a definite knocking- not a branch or something like that.

When my husband, and room mate came home I didn’t say anything. My husband and I went to bed, but the next morning my room mate told me last night he kept being woken up to someone knocking on his window. He said it was knocking like someone asking to come in. He said he told it only things of god are allowed to enter this house.
He says every night since after he is sleeping for a bit the knocking starts- even if its not windy, raining, etc.

Last night, I started to pray. I have never been one to pray or believe in anything until lately. While i was praying there was an owl right outside our bedroom window who keep hooting till I was done praying. I don’t know if that means anything if it just happened to be there to hunt that night. For some reason though it just really freaked me out.

Hi Emily: Sorry for the delay. The entity in your house is not a demon, however it sounds much like an angry spirit. The events that have taken place seem as if the entity is trying to cause discord. In other words it doesn’t want you in the house. I know, I know. Sounds kind of beetlejuice right? The truth is. You need to find something that was left behind by the original owners of the house and get rid of it. Prayer always works, but you must also do something and I have just given you what to do. If you can locate this object, and dispose of it things will go better in the house.

Until then ask your husband to read Psalms 91 all throughout the house, while you place a candle in the bedroom, and in the common room, this will abate most of the astral activity. Please call me and let me know what happens. Peace.

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