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Hello. I am 23 and I feel like i have some sort of psychic ability. I have always felt like i have but don’t know how to channel it. For the past 4-5 years I have had gradually more occurances happen to me. Mostly at home but I have had a couple when I’ve been out walking. I have lived in 4 different places these past years so I don’t feel they are property related. I kind of sense that they follow me, maybe even trying to make me sense them and to be able to tell they are there. May even trying to talk to me but i can’t channel that part of me yet. I can tell somewhat like gender and younger ghosts. Like I had an older man say “hmmm hmmm” kind of in his throat like a cough to get my attention. And twice I have felt little legs dangling off my bed kicking it with it’s (their) heels. Alot of times I have been asleep and Kind of half awake half asleep feel kind of like I am having an out of body experience. Just always have had them and have always wondered about them but I recently thought that maybe they were paranormal related. I was wondering if you could tell me something about it or be able to help me figure out how to let go and let them talk to me. Thank you for any help you can give me. ~Elizabeth

Greetings: When a person becomes aware of the ability to hear, or know things of a spiritual, or “paranormal” nature we often believe that there is something that is following us, or tracking us. But the the truth is that there are events that take place where ever we are. In your case your auditory sense has evolved and just like any sense you must develop it. The fact that they are paranormal is obvious as they are not things of a tangible, or normal nature.

When you say that they are trying to make you sense them, they actually belive that you already CAN sense them, and attempt to speak to you as if you can. You see. To them your energy says that you have the ability. They have no idea about developmental limitation because they are in spiritual form where there is no limitation which is why they speak to you. Your lack of development is why they sound like mumbles. Next time you hear them concentrate and ask them not with your mouth but with your thoughts to be patient and slow down so that you can hear as you are just in the beginning stage of your development. They should listen. Let me know how it goes. Peace.

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