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Greetings ~

I am experiencing something quite a bit of late, and am hoping someone can shine a light (no pun intended) into what exactly is going on or what it is even called or termed as.

I thought perhaps to give just two examples that might help explain my occurrences.

First example:

Shortly upon going to bed one evening to cozy up with a good read, I suddenly noticed a light appear in the hallway/stairwell, and I quickly decided it was the neighbor’s backyard light behind us.

As this white light became brighter and brighter, it occurred to me that our back door on the main floor is off centered from the stairwell and it wouldn’t be possible for such light to shine up at all.

The light became intensely bright then suddenly was gone.

I put my book down on my nightstand and turned over to my right and there beside me on the bed was an older woman, she was smiling at me quite contently, then was gone.

The next week I happened to put an ad in our local auto trader and when I gave the gentleman my address, he expressed to me that someone he knew had passed away in the house prior to us buying it.

I stopped him immediately before he went into any details at all, and I proceeded to describe to him the woman in detail – my description was perfect, it was the woman he knew.

Second example …

Awhile ago I was away camping in our trailer with my hubby, the trailer is a fifth wheel – bedroom in the uppermost part.

Again, cozy in bed with my read, there was a bright flash of extremely bright white light outside my window, then another, and another, which I thought was lightening before say, an impending storm.

I was so impressed with the intense brightness of this light and how close it appeared to be approaching that I wanted wake my husband to see it.

Immediately after the last flash of light I turned to shake him awake when the entire bedroom just filled up with this intense light. And it flashed as lightening would.

Then suddenly standing beside my bed was this man – in period type clothes holding up some sort of light/lamp in his left hand. The lamp itself was the old rec-tangled paned glass type that would have a candle inside it.

I sat up to face him more directly, and gently asked who he was and poof he was gone.

I don’t need to express any fear or anxieties with either of these examples because I didn’t feel threatened in anyway by either one.

I am hoping that someone might be able to tell me:
– what these occurrences/visitations are
– what they might mean
– what these are actually called/termed

This would be of great help !!

Thank you kindly,
~ Rebekka

Greetings : I think that the visitations are quite self explanatory.
The light occurred every time there was a “visitation”.

And the visitation was verified by your accuracy in describing what they looked like to someone that knew them.

Summation: You have the ability to see those that have passed on. Now the next step is to find a way to develop this ability. Let me know how you are doing from time to time. Peace

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