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last night (nov 4th-5th) i had multiple nightmares that included my boyfriend and bad things happening to him and the next morning when i told him i had nightmares about him he meantioned the dorm in a college he lives at has been haunted lately or something of that kind where him and others have been seeing dark figures at night, hearing voices in the night when no one is there and he told me his roommate said that he was speaking in another language while he was sleeping and that he was tossing and turning like something was bothering him. i’m scared for his life and we have both seen paranormal things in our lives but what scares me is that in the college he had met some satanist possibly. i was wondering how we can stop this from going on or get rid of this dark spirit or entity from bothering him.
please help

Greetings: Your boyfriend needs to separate from the satanists that he met completely. 2. The dorm needs to be exorcised. There are people including myself that can perform such tasks. 3. If he left the school the activity would stop. I know that this is not an easy thing to do but it IS his life. It sounds as if the both of you should develop your abilities to see. I highly recommend this.
Your boyfriend will be fine so long as he does not hold council with
people that are based in darkness. In the meantime tell him to get an LED light, and a small glass cup. Fill it with 4 teaspoons vinegar, and 3 teaspoon sea salt. He will be able to rest, but by all means change dormrooms. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Peace.

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