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Hi Ahura,

I am very grateful to have found this site, which a friend told me about.

I had a strange experience today. My doorbell started ringing constantly, you know, like when someone is ringing insistantly. I opened the door but there was no-one there, but the front gate swang as though someone was leaving. Now I’m feeling freezing cold. It was my late brother’s birthday the day before yesterday. There have been a couple of other instances in the last few weeks when I have glimsed something in my home. I’m not sure if these things are connected and would really appreciate any insight you might have.

Greetings: Yes they are related, and it is someone that has a very strange sense of humor. More than likely your brother who seems to have forgotten something which means he had two habits. Forgetfulness, and being late. Tell him its o.k. He can go, and you will take care of his things. Peace.

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