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Hi, one morning I was awoken by my cell-phone ringing, but I didn’t get up in time and I missed the call. It said that I had a missed call from my home phone, which was in the other room. My kids were still sleeping(they couldn’t have reached the phone anyway) and my husband was at work. I was so freaked out that I didn’t even think to press redial on my home phone to see if it had called my cell. I called my husband, and that information was lost. Just wondering if you might have any insight.

That my friend was rare indeed! You actually experienced a juxtaposition. You from another dimension partially getting in touch with you in this dimension. This happens on a more intangible level quite often. We think of it as deja vu, but the truth is that we exist in many dimensions at the same time. Your house is evidently on a power zone, or an energy surge went through it in order for that to occur. It is nothing to freak out about. In the future if this happens again contact me immediately. I’d like to know about the history of the house. Peace.

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Ok, well that definately never crossed my mind. I wouldn’t be calling my own cell phone, though. My husband would. Other things have happened here. Like a bathroom door opening without the ac or fan being turned on, and my fan chain suddenly jingling around for no reason. I’ve never really felt threatened though. I’m pretty comfortable here, those little things have just kind of freaked me out. My husband works nights so I scare fairly easily, but these things were not my imagination. I’d be interested to hear more about your alternate dimension theory. Thanks.

P.s. I f you think it’s something else, don’t tell me if it’s going to scare me. Thanks.

Dont worry nothing scary. But if you would truly like to learn about parallel dimensions. I DO teach internet classes.
Peace. Ahura Z.

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